Curriculum Overview

Our Educational Methods for Teaching

Little Victories uses Developmentally Appropriate Practices set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in developing our theme based curriculum. Our Lead Staff ensures that your child will be given the opportunity to learn and grow using all of their five developmental areas: Physical, Emotional, Cognitive, Social and Creative. A lesson plan is posted weekly for parents to be able to see what there child will be able to explore on a daily basis. We encourage our parents to take this information home and talk with your child about their day. A daily schedule is in place for the children to form a sense of “routine”, however when given the opportunity to go with a “teachable moment,” our staff will change events to accommodate the needs of the classroom. Little Victories also understands that not all children develop in the exact same way; we will adapt our curriculum on a daily basis to meet the needs of all children in the classroom.

Infant Classroom Goals (6 weeks to 16 months)

Our first and foremost goal for our Infant Classroom is to create a loving and nurturing environment so our Infants feel safe and secure to be able to have the foundation that is needed to be able learn and grow. We will be able to offer your Infant the ability to interact within a group setting which will kindle the opportunity for socialization and exploration. We will enhance the developmental growth through age appropriate materials and toys. Our Infant Classroom will prepare our children for when they must enter into our Toddler Program at 16 months.

Toddler Classroom Goals (16 months-3 yrs. old)

We have two toddler classrooms.  the Curious Caterpillars (16 mo.- 2 ½ yrs.) and the Busy Bees (2 ½ yrs. – 3 ½ yrs.)  The Toddler Classrooms are set up in learning centers. These centers are designed for your toddler to have the opportunity to have hands-on learning at their own rate and interest.  We have found that a toddler’s best learning motivation is their own exploration. Our teachers use thematic units to interconnect the learning that is done in the classroom centers to the learning that takes place through organized activities. Our goal in this room is to also start encouraging self-help skills, develop better communication skills, improve motor development, and to build on their cognitive development.

Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness Classroom Goals (3 yrs. – 5yrs.)

The Preschool Classroom is set up in centers with age appropriate materials for all children to be able to explore, learn and most importunately have FUN! Our curriculum is set up in thematic units that connect with all developmental learning areas, so that the children are able to grasp the theme through which ever way your child learns best!   In our Pre K program, children will focus on mastering their Kindergarten Readiness Skills.   With encouragement and reinforcement at home our hope is that your child will have all the tools necessary to have a fun and successful Kindergarten Experience!

School Age Classroom Goals (Kindergarten to 12 yrs. old)

We realize how hard your child works during the school year. Because of this we will create a relaxing and stress-free environment for your child.  During our summer program we will make time to go outside, play games, go on numerous field trips, explore art and science and HAVE FUN in a calm setting.  During the school year we would like to support families as much as possible by offering care on school days off.