Toddler Curriculum

Busy Bee RoomSample Lesson Plan If you would like a copy of this week’s plan, email us and we will send you a copy.Our toddlers are busy bees!  They walk, they talk, and they begin to develop relationships with each other. Toddlers learn through sensory experiences that enhance their cognitive, language, motor and social skills. They turn ideas into words and phrases to better express themselves, and practice the value of sharing and cooperating through group play. Children at this stage start to develop friendships and gain confidence as they use their words and thoughts to interact with others.toddler

We promote all areas of development in the following ways:

Physical Development

  1. Large motor – encouraging movement through a variety of activities both indoors and out such as climbing, running, jumping, swinging, playing ball and other group activities
  2. Small motor – activities that encourage hand eye coordination such as stringing beads, cutting, pasting, and block building
  3. Balance – provide creative movements, obstacles and group activities that encourage balance
  4. Eye-hand coordination – encourage children to use toys, books, and tools

Social Development

  1. Independence – providing choices, encouraging self motivation, and self help skills
  2. Self Esteem – positive reinforcement and encouraging self-exploration through sharing of feelings, stories, and dramatic play.
  3. Interactive skills – group activities both large and small, games, stories, music, dance and show & tell.
  4. Behavioral skills – We will encourage good habits while discouraging bad ones.
  5. Basic Routine – We will work on following the same pattern on a daily basis.

Intellectual Development

  1. Language – encouraging speech, show & tell, story telling and reading.
  2. Cognitive – exploring shapes, colors, books, puzzles, and matching games.
  3. Creative – music activities, art and dramatic play.
  4. Personal Growth – identify basic body parts and what each can do
  5. Reading Readiness – encourage eye movement from left to right.